Defensive risk


Defensive risk
Manchester City is extremely vulnerable during mid-game break. Leicester's first goal is a clear example of the blunders that cost them. Kyle Walker carelessly pulled down was unnecessary and it hurt his team. Vardy's second goal was formed by a clever run by Castange who caught left-back Benjamin Mendy sleeping. Man City's defense is high as usual, but they have to be on the lookout for possible breakages especially at Jamie Vardy's speed.
Leicester's third and Jamie Vardy third's third show again that careless mistakes will come at the cost of a goal this season if they don't improve their defense. While Barnes played in the back was a good pass, Vardy had absolutely no chance of scoring. That being said, Eric Garcia went to see Vardy once in the box. An unnecessary move again of the backline in blue as midfielder Nathan Ake comes in to help the young midfielder.

Leicester's third penalty came when Tielemans fouled James Maddison, and once again Man City made a mistake. Benjamin Mendy carelessly pulled Maddison down inside the box. This gave Leicester a third penalty, which Tielemans scored to make it 5-2.
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While you can score Maddison with a clever spot run, it is Man City's defense who is at fault here. The focus on the defense is lost here as Maddison overcame Sterling and took up space that Mendy should cover, but he was too focused on full-back Castange. By the time Maddison got the ball, it was too late for Mendy to return. Then he took down Maddison to let Tielemans score. It only takes a moment to look into the space around you to adjust your position, but it is simply too late for City. That's where they have to improve if they want to and challenge Liverpool for the title.
This analysis proves again that owning is not everything for your team to win the match. The fox swarms are much more clinical and responsive than rivals Manchester City, who will have plenty of questions to ask themselves forward if they really want to challenge another title. This win is the first time Pep Guardiola's team have conceded five goals in the match, and he will certainly try to correct this in upcoming matches. For Leicester City, this is their third win in three games and they are currently top of the group. They will certainly be eager to push ahead with this big win and look to try to have a perfectly stable season this year, compared to when they finished last year's reboot.